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Cutting-edge psychometric, culture and talent analysis tools inform Leadership, Culture and Talent solutions in creating  strategic individual and organisational behaviour change outcomes for:

  • Financial Services
  • High Technology
  • Commerce & Industry

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Client-centric Brands need  to respond positively to changing needs. Using precison customer analytical approaches, Allaxa delivers effective solutions and strategies in:

  • Customer Insight
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Propositions

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Social Policy

Behavioural Science is a key piece of the policy makers toolkit. Allaxa delivers insight and evidence-based approaches to support positive change programmes in:

  • Sustainability
  • Financial Capabilty
  • WellBeing

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How we create impact

Technology as a tool

Web 2.0 engagement

We use Web 2.0 approaches for both data gathering and impact creation to enhance outcomes and maximise the cost-benefits to clients 

Human Technology balance

AI, Machine Learning and Big Data are integral to our thinking when considering organisational change with people still at the centre

Cognitive Technology

We use the potential of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data for insight and impact to enhance behaviour change where appropriate.

Founders message

Marc Atherton MSc CPsychol FRSA EuroPsy

In a complex and dynamic world a clear focus on the human aspects of change is a crucial part of any successful strategy. 

Behavioural Science is the catalyst that will underpin your success where people are the key and it is this belief that drives our approach.

A network of  associates and partnerships delivers the relevant insight and evidence to support your strategic and growth challenges in meeting or exceeding your aims. Feel free get in touch for a chat.